Corporate Vision

  • Truly value our clients
  • Provide a great working environment for our employees
  • Offer the highest quality in service
  • Educating our clients
  • Problem solving
  • Well trained/ educated employees
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Great customer service
  • Respectful, presentable, professional staff
  • Easy payment options

About Us

Austin Buty founded A+ Lawncare & Landscaping services in 2010. Following his passion for working outdoors and collaborating with a team he strives to lead A+ as a leader in the lawncare and landscaping industry in Central & Southeastern Ohio.

Starting with only a few basic tools and a few loyal clients A+ has grown dramatically from its modest roots. After only a few years in business A+ saw both its employee and customer base grow. They were also able to update and upgrade their construction and mowing equipment.

Their growth continued with the acquisition of a market competitor and the expansion of their commercial mowing contracts.

Through their growth A+ Lawncare & Landscaping acquired buildings and additional assets. This expansion also lead to additional certifications for ICPI and NCMA allowing the company to expand into hardscape construction.

The company remains focused on providing the absolute best quality of service in Central and Southeastern Ohio. They aim to be the "One Call" needed to complete any outdoor project or maintenance.

A+ Lawncare & Landscaping is fully insured for all services they offer. All employees go through a strict interview process to ensure that they are very responsible, respectful, professional, and trustworthy.

We look forward to working with our clients for decades to come.

Austin Buty
A+ Lawncare & Landscaping Services