This is so important - moving water where it can flow to a safe spot. Many times we find that by simply extending a downspout a few feet will cause water to flow away, rather than towards your crawl space or home's foundation. Check for leaks, check the fittings on your gutter system.

Water flows toward the path of least resistance

Obviously, water flows to the point of least resistance. If you find that it is impractical or for a variety of reasons impossible to redirect the flow of water then call the professionals at A+. We are here to help.

With our experience in dealing with water flow issues we will be able to identify and provide you the most effective and cost efficient way to handle your individual situation.

Many of our customers have tried to deal with water flow on their own. Typically, they just end up frustrated and incur extensive damage to their biggest single asset - their home. Since we offer a free review, consultation and no cost repair bid please know we are here to help.

French drains

Wet basement?  Soggy yard?

If your basement floods regularly or you have heavy water runoff puddling in your yard, it could be due to poor soil drainage. Sounds like it's time to install a French drain.

What is a French drain?

French drains are trenches filled with a perforated pipe and gravel. They're crafted to redirect surface water away from the affected area or relieve water pressure behind a retaining wall.

Where are Exterior French Drains dug?
  • Around the perimeter of your foundation
  • Behind a retaining wall
What is a sump pump?

French drains rely on gravity to work. If you don't live on a slope or near a hillside, you may need a sump pump installed to help pump water from the French drain to a storm sewer or dry well.

Who installs a French drain?

A+, of course! We are experts in residential and commercial French drain installation and we can solve your runoff issues.

If rainwater has ever seeped into your basement via cracks in your home's foundation, you know how much of a hassle the cleanup process can be, one that either involves spending a fortune to hire a water removal company or renting the equipment yourself from a big-box hardware store.

However, it's possible that this headache and stress could have been avoided altogether if you had an exterior French drain installed on your property.

French drains, which consist of a perforated pipe encased in a layer of gravel or rock that is buried beneath soil, prevent flooding by carrying rainwater to a low-lying area using gravity or the land's natural slope.

So, if your basement floods regularly, or if there is heavy runoff water puddling your backyard and making it a soggy mess, chances are it's the result of poor soil drainage.

In other words, it's time to get a French drain that runs along the entire perimeter of your home and diverts water before it reaches the foundation. When looking to install a French drain it's best to seek the help of qualified professionals because the practice can sometimes be difficult depending on the height of your basement walls, which dictates how deep the trench will need to be dug.

We are experts in residential and commercial French drain installation and can solve any and all drain issues. Our team is confident that they'll be able to provide you with a quick and easy solution to your runoff problems so you won't have to worry about wading through a wet basement ever again.

Why wait for future flooding when you can take preventative action now and save yourself time and money in the long-run? While there will always be flooding, make sure that the water stays on the outside of your house, instead of leaking in, by giving A+ a call.

Erosion control

Erosion control fabrics, silt fence, straw waddles, and hydroseeding can be effectively employed to reduce erosion on your site or to establish a beautiful new lawn on a steep slope without fear of a washout. These products are required by federal law on construction sites larger than 1 acre. Please call for more information.

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