Commercial Site Mowing & Maintenance

We offer full-site commercial maintenance packages in Mukingum, Guernsey, Licking & Coshocton Counties. Our hands off approach allows you to contract out your mowing, trimming, weeding, fertilizing and additional lawncare services during the summer season. Contact us today for your personalized commercial maintenance quote.

Commercial Mowing & Maintenace Contracts May Include The Following

String edging walks, curbs, building abutments, all other areas where grass meets hard surfaceWeekly
Power edging and clean-up of sidewalks and curbsFirst mowing and every 4th week thereafter
Lawn fertilizer application iInclude 1.5 pounds nitrogen/1000 sq.ft/application)(1) Early Spring and (1) Early Fall
Lawn weed control application: Pre-emergent grab grass(1) Spring
Lawn weed control application(1) Spring and (1) later when appropriate
Lawn disease and insect control application(2) per year when appropriate
Trees and shrubs fertilizer application(1) Spring (when growth is just beginning)
Trees/shrubs/flowers disease and insect control application(2) per year when appropriate
Bed weeding (pulling)Weekly
Bed weed control application(2) per year when appropriate
Hard surface cracks weed control(2) per year when appropriate
Fence line weed and grass control application(1) Spring and (1) later when appropriate
Plant flowers per attached planBetween 5/15 and 6/10
Flower care (annuals): Fertilize(1) when planted and (1) later
Flower care (annuals): Dead bloom removalWeekly
Flower care (annuals): WaterWeekly
Prune shrubs: Non-flowering(1) Late Spring (1) Mid-Summer and (1) Fall
Prune shrubs: Flowering(1) After bloom (1) Mid-Summer (1) early Fall
Prune trees per attached specsFall
Define and prep mulch and planting bedsEarly Spring
Install mulch at 2.5 inchesEarly Spring
Edge mulch bedsFall
Install 1" mulch (same type as Spring)Fall
Core aerateFall
Leaf clean-up and removalFall

Our professional mowing and trimming services use the latest in lawn care equipment and practices to provide clean, consistent cuts and trims. We use commercial equipment and mowers, because anything less would be doing your lawn a disservice. Professional grade equipment delivers accurate cutting and trimming results, and when optimal grass length can vary by quarters of an inch, that definitely matters. The long term viability and appearance of your lawn all depend on consistency, and by using the best equipment for our jobs, we make sure to deliver it every time.

Contact us today for your Commercial Mowing & Maintenance Needs!

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