Lawn Grading & Drainage

When you want to correct the slope and grade of your landscape, or when you want to level the field for new construction projects that you have in mind, you need professional grading and leveling services that can make the difference in the stability and viability of your project. Our grading and leveling services are perfect for home and business owners in Muskingum, Licking, Coshocton and Guernsey counties that need professional, fast, and clean grading, leveling, and shaping that can get results.

Grading and leveling your land can help to protect from erosion, create a more even appearance, and even improve the safety of your property by removing unnecessary points of elevation or dips in the ground. While these natural features of the earth make for a more interesting visual, they aren’t ideal for walking, building, or landscaping. Properties which are on hills, or which are located near areas with a significant slope, often need minimal-to-thorough leveling services to get parts of a front, back, or side yard into a more consistent, productive shape.

  • Get better growing results. By grading your property to be on an even level, you make it easier to manage water run off and drainage, aerate a lawn, and manage your grass growth. Consistent ground level leads to more consistent results when you want to grow a lawn that looks great.
  • Remove stumps, rocks, and other obstructions in the process. As part of our grading services, we also offer yard clearing as well. As a ground leveling company in, we know that uneven land can also mean dealing with heavy, hard to move objects that get in the way of your landscaping goals or construction projects. Our clearing means we can remove as we grade for a cleaner, even finish.
  • Control drainage and erosion. Gravity moves water and earth downhill if they aren’t rooted or otherwise leveled off, and in the case of both residential and commercial properties, that can be an issue without proper grading and the right solutions. Controlling water run off benefits your plants, but it can also prevent hazardous chemicals found in rainwater from seeping into the soil. Likewise, erosion can make for a more stable, safer property.