Sewer & Water Line Installation

Main Line and Leach Bed Repair

A+ specializes in sewer repair and replacement. We not only have the skills and tools needed to repair or replace your sewer line, but we are experts in this field.

Symptoms of a Clogged Sewer

When one or more drain lines are clogged, you may hear a gurgling sound, or see your toilet water bubbling, or you may have water backing up in your shower, bathtub or laundry sink. Slow drains and frequent backups are symptoms that often first appear on the lower level of your home. If you are experiencing any symptoms of a clogged sewer, contact A+. We will determine the cause of the problem and offer you options that help get your drain lines running smoothly.

Common Sewer Issues
  • Tree roots - Tree roots seek water. Over time they can penetrate sewer lines and then partially or fully block the line.
  • Broken or sagging pipes - When a sewer line sags or bellies from ground changes such as soil erosion or earthquake, or from aging pipes, waste may not be able to exit efficiently. Since flow is gravity dependent, waste may seep out underground or into any nearby openings. On a broken pipe, an opening may allow dirt, mud, grass, leaves and rodents to enter the pipe. All of these can contribute to a partial or full blockage and a backup in your home.
  • Toilet debris - Treating a toilet as a garbage can will lead to sewer issues. Do not flush wipes, diapers, grease or anything with string down the toilet.
  • Garbage disposal debris– Don't put large amounts of food or grease down the disposal. It was designed to handle only small amounts of food debris.
  • Hair - hair enters drain lines usually through the bathroom sink and shower. After brushing hair, put loose hair in the garbage, never throw it into the toilet.

A+ can resolve any of these sewer issues. We are familiar with sewer lines and offer full or partial sewer line repair and replacement.

Preventative Maintenance

We recommend putting as little garbage down your drain lines as possible. This one change in your home habits could prevent thousands of dollars in sewer line repair.

  • Save cooking grease and fat in a disposable container and then place the container in your garbage can. Never put grease down a drain, as it will congeal and clog.
  • Use a screen to cover drain openings to collect hair and soap products from going down the bathroom drain
  • Place small garbage containers in your bathroom and kitchen, and laundry room to catch those items you usually flush down the toilet, put down your garbage disposal, or rinse down your bathroom sink
  • Schedule an annual tree root cutting if you have a yard full of trees. We can send a snake with cutting blades thorough the sewer line to remove the roots and then camera the line to see if any damage has occurred. Our special cameras allow us to inspect lines underground, below a patio or driveway, and beneath your home's foundation.

Call our expert and knowledgeable sewer and drain technicians to help resolve all of your sewer and drain line problems.

Water line installation, repair, replacement

It sounds corny to say the water main connecting your home to the local water supply is like your family's lifeline, but it is true in some ways. The water that flows into your home is used for bathing, drinking, cooking and washing clothes, and even if you use a water filtration system of some sort, it's still the water line that is bringing the water into the house to be filtered. If the water line becomes damaged, or if you need a new one installed, finding an experienced service provider is crucial.

Trust your water line repairs to A+! Our team of highly skilled contractors will get the job done right, in a timely manner, whether you just need a simple repair, or professional water line installation or replacement.

The Need for a Healthy Water Line

It's probably safe to say that every household relies on its water main every single day for many different reasons. Water must come into the house for bathing, washing clothes and dishes, cooking, drinking, brushing teeth and flushing the toilet. Even one day with a broken water main would cause a great deal of disruption to the average family. In all likelihood, you would have to leave and stay elsewhere until the problem was fixed, which is why it is so important to keep your water lines in top condition.

Why Water Lines Deteriorate

Some of the common reasons for a water line to become damaged or deteriorate include normal aging, general wear and tear and shifting in the ground. Predicting water line issues isn't possible, but you can take quick action as soon as you notice there has been an interruption in your household water flow. A steep drop in pressure or no water at all, warrants a call to your local plumber to get to the bottom of the situation.

Professional Installation and Replacement

Since there is so much riding on strong and functioning water lines, it's always best to leave any installation and repair work to qualified professionals. Trying to get to the line and make adjustments on your own, or even with a cheap alternative, will only lead to problems in the future when your water won't flow at all.

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