Mowing & Trimming

A properly mowed and trimmed lawn can do wonders for the look of your landscape, and the curb appeal of your home. A well maintained lawn will also have fewer pests, greater tolerance for temperature fluctuations, and can give a home and garden a beautiful, green border.

Our professional mowing and trimming services use the latest in lawn care equipment and practices to provide clean, consistent cuts and trims. We use commercial equipment and mowers, because anything less would be doing your lawn a disservice. Professional grade equipment delivers accurate cutting and trimming results, and when optimal grass length can vary by quarters of an inch, that definitely matters. The long term viability and appearance of your lawn all depend on consistency, and by using the best equipment for our jobs, we make sure to deliver it every time.

We also clean-up thoroughly after every job. Cut grass and trimmings don’t magically vanish, they need to be properly swept away, disposed of, or blown out from corners. After we’re done mowing and trimming your lawn, we make sure that there isn’t a mess left behind, and we do it quickly.

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